Aloeric School Term 1

New Term at Aloeric School

The new Term at Aloeric has welcomed some new faces to the team, including a new School Business manager, a handy man , a deputy Head, Senco, Admin staff and 4 new teachers. Our new caterers are really cooking up a storm in the kitchen and the best time to visit is around 11.45am when the bread comes out of the oven!

It is not only new faces we have here but also new fencing, new internal doors, new electronic gates and the old caretaker’s bungalow has been refurbished and is ready for use. We have already converted one room into an office, another for a meeting room and a third into a small classroom for the children to work in in small groups. We are looking forward to developing the garden spaces later in the year to allow all of the children grow flowers and vegetables.

With the changes there is a sense of optimism in the air and new subject leaders are beginning to plan how to design an exciting and rich curriculum for our Melksham children. Already this term we have been on a couple of trips around our local area, including a Pilgrimage of the Melksham churches for our year 5 children and only this week we had a very special royal visitor to the town who all of the year 6 children welcomed and waved in. A group of year 6 children, led by Mrs Clifton were invited to meet the Duke of Gloucester as he visited the town to celebrate 800 years since William 3rd declared the town a market town. One lucky year 6 child was chosen to present the Duke with a commemorative mug and a Plantagenet pie . After practising their bows and curtsies, Mrs Clifton and the children also showed the Duke some lovely learning that the school had displayed in the Town Hall, including art work and writing inspired by the historical event. The Duke was most impressed and some of our year 6 writing was even read aloud on Radio Wiltshire! The children all loved the event, including the jester the Town council had provided and there was a real buzz of excitement and awe when they returned to school. There were plenty of photos taken by the local press, Mrs Clifton was interviewed for the radio and Mrs Goodyear (our new Senco) was able to tweet the events out on our new Twitter page.

We are sure there are lots more good news stories to come .

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