Outreach Arts Programme - Ivy Lane

Year 2 Sheldon School Primary Outreach Arts Programme - Ivy Lane School.

Year 2 were very lucky recently to have an artist visit from Sheldon School as part of their Primary Outreach Programme. Mr Anderton (Art Teacher) taught them how to make a print using polystyrene, ink and rollers.

First they carefully observed their shell and then lightly drew it with a pencil onto the polystyrene. Next they pressed down firmly to leave an indentation, creating the shell stamp and used rollers to roll ink over the stamp.

Then they pressed the shell stamp onto paper to reveal a beautiful print and after that washed off the ink and chose a different colour to roll onto the stamp.

Finally they placed the stamp on top of the first print and used a dry roller to press down firmly, before revealing the finished article which was a beautiful shell print using two different coloured inks. The children thoroughly enjoyed their experience.

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