September fun at Aloeric

Busy start to the term at Aloeric Primary School!

Things were busy at Aloeric Primary School in the first 2 weeks of term as all classes in Years 1 - 6 invited parents and carers to come in to classrooms to share and support their children’s learning.

Year 1 parents and children gathered together in the school hall to play phonics and number games and find out about the changes as children move up from Reception.

The Year 2 topic this term is ‘The Seaside’, so everyone got together to make shells, sea creatures, buckets and spades and even some slimy seaweed for some lovely classroom displays.

The Romans came to Melksham for the Year 3 topic, where parents and children made golden chariots.

Over in Year 4 parents, carers and children have transformed the shared area into a glorious rainforest, complete with snakes, low hanging vines and many exotic plants and birds.

Year 5 found out about and made their own Anglo Saxon artefacts, while the Year 6 pupils and families created vibrant collages of African animals in the Savannah.

Interim Head of School Nina Jeffries said ‘There was such a lovely buzz around school every morning in the weeks of school as the parents came in to work with their children. As well as this being a great way for parents and carers to support and be involved with their children’s learning, every single classroom has been transformed by their creative learning together’.

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