Year 4 Ivy Lane Trip to Bristol

Ivy Lane Tudor trip to Bristol to see the Matthew

Pupils at Ivy Lane School have been learning about the Tudors and have had an excellent day in Bristol to learn more about the topic. They visited a Tudor boat called The Matthew and went to the Red Lodge Museum to learn a bit more about Tudor houses and gardens. Olivia, one of the Year 4 pupils, has said, “It was amazing, cool and fun! The best thing was going on the poop deck and under deck whilst on the Matthew. We learnt about where the sailors ate and slept. We also walked over a Tudor well and I felt quite scared when we did.”

The children have also learned about how painters did some paintings and changed them a bit to make others. Thanks to all the parents who have helped so that they could go to Bristol and have lots of fun!

Adapted from report written by Andre in Hughes class

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