Corsham Primary School Games Morning

Fantastic school sports mornings at Corsham Primary School.

What a fantastic three sports mornings Corsham Primary School has had - they couldn't believe how lucky they were with the weather! Thank you to all the parents/carers, children and adults for their support during the mornings - it was clear a great deal of fun was had!

The winning team in the Foundation Stage Sports Morning was: Courage

The winner of the Year 1,2,3 Sports Morning was: Determination

The winner of the Year 4,5,6 Sports Morning was also Determination.

Well done to all of the teams. The overall results were as follows:

8th Place Equality

7th Place Courage

6th place Self-Belief

5th place Friendship

4th place Excellence

3rd place Respect

2nd place Inspiration

1st place Determination

Everyone showed that they were good sports people and enjoyed taking part in all the different activities, counting up their scores as they went.

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