Ivy Lane

A Biochemist visited the school to talk to us about DNA

On the 11th and 12th March 2019, as part of Science Week, a biochemist visited Year 6 at Ivy Lane School from Bristol University. The scientist’s name was Dr McKinnon and we had a mind-blowing discussion about how our DNA makes us unique although it is 99% similar to the person next to you! So that means that the DNA of twins is 99.9999% similar. There are only four letters in the DNA alphabet which are A, T, C and G. As well as all of this, during our science workshop, we extracted DNA from a kiwi fruit by mashing it up then heating it, before adding an ice cold alcohol solution. We actually saw the kiwi’s DNA. We all loved the session and felt so inspired. Thank you to Dr McKinnon for infusing us with the excitement of science. Written by Channel A and Jack B.


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