PAT-wide School Council visits

School Council members from each Trust school have met regularly to get to know each other and their schools better.

During the course of this academic year, Members of the School Councils from the four trust schools have been meeting regularly with the purpose of getting to know each other and their schools. Corsham Primary, Queens Crescent, Ivy Lane and Aloeric Primary School Councils all played host to meetings as well as facilitating informative tours showcasing their school’s uniqueness and individuality.

The pupils enjoyed exploring and finding out about: secret gardens, trim trails, pizza ovens, pet pigs, artistic displays, woodland areas, tree houses and loved meeting a ‘real’ school dog!

At the final meeting, which was held at Corsham Primary School, Broadwood, the pupils gathered their findings and prepared presentations to share with the Board and Trustees. It was a pleasure to listen to the school council representatives share their experiences and well considered observations.

It was mentioned by Ivy Lane School Councillors that there were many differences to be celebrated between the schools but commonalities that link the schools and children were: a desire to play a lot of sport, an enjoyment of learning outside, regularly reading and everybody loves animals!

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