Pickwick Academy Trust Writers' Workshop

Pupils from the Pickwick Academy Trust recently participated in a writers’ workshop, led by Carly Corlett of Peahen Publishing, at the Pound Arts Centre, Corsham.

Here is the article from the Bath and Wiltshire Parent:

The participants were winners of a writing competition, in which all children of the multi-academy trust were encouraged to enter. The winning stories featured a character – Pat the Dog – which is the logo for Pickwick Academy Trust and the setting of each of the founding schools – Corsham Primary, Aloeric Primary, Ivy Lane Primary and Queens Crescent Primary.

The winners enjoyed a morning of creating characters, settings and events, culminating in writing a story and making book.

“All of the children thoroughly enjoyed coming up with their stories and writing them into their specially designed mini-books,” said Sophie Ridout, the Deputy Headteacher at Corsham Primary School. “Each of the stories were unique and reflected the writer’s interests – including a sparkly unicorn or two and a Viking serpent!”

Carly Corlett from Peahen Publishing added, “I was impressed with the creativity and enthusiasm shown from these budding young writers, some as young as six! By the end of the workshop, all of the children had created a unique book character and written a mini book. We talked about children’s publishing, what makes a good story and had a few warm-up games – some involving their head teachers! All of the children left wanting to carry on writing which is just wonderful.”

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