Queen's Crescent School PE Event

Queen's Crescent School hosted the first PE event between the Pickwick Academy Schools on 18 February 2022.

Children from Aloeric, Corsham (Pound Pill) and Queen's Crescent took part in a Multi-Skills event planned and led by the Queen's Crescent Sports Leaders.  There were 10 activities from cycling to throwing and aiming to crawling that were all designed to improve agility, balance and co-ordinatation whilst having lots of fun.  For some of the Sports Leaders, it was the first event for them while others already have some experience.  All of them did an amazing job and proved exactly why they are going to be our sports leaders of the future.

"I found it really fun!  I liked all of the activities and the fact that other children came from different schools.  I'd give it 5/5 and the sports leaders 5/5 too!" - Ben L.

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