School Partnership Peer Review at Corsham Primary School

Peer review of maths at Corsham Primary School - fantastic teaching and learning taking place.

As part of our commitment to supporting schools with their school development, we are engaged in the Education Development Trust-led School Partnership developmental peer review programme.  The programme involves a series of reviews, carried out with partner schools from the Teaching School, and focusses on a school selected development priority.

Corsham Primary School’s review took place last week with a focus around maths.  The reviewers explored to what extent the children know their number facts and how they apply them to deepen their understanding.  The team conducted a learning walk across the whole school, looked at the learning environment, conducted a book scrutiny and carried out pupil and staff conferencing.

The review team commented on the very warm culture within the school, how the children were very comfortable engaging with adults and that the respectful language of the children and staff alike ensured a very productive environment for learning.

Review feedback:

- A wide range of manipulatives are available for all
- Children are confident at using a variety of strategies and expressing concepts in different ways
- Higher attaining children are engaged to a high standard
- Consistent use of sentence stems support children to verbalise and explain their thinking
- Children really enjoy maths across the school
- Children use prior knowledge and are able to explicitly make links between facts e.g. number pairs to 10 and fractions
- Children are able to make links between fluency and reasoning
- Explanations in books are really good, using fluency of number facts
- A range of activities are used to deepen thinking

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